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Halloween 2019 Event

Oct. 24 ~ Oct. 31, 2019

Trick or Trade Event IntroductionEdit

Find scrolls in a castle full of ghosts! Build a real school of magic! Get paranormally amazing prizes!

Character Discussion Character
Halloween Emma
Goldby, I conjured up a Haunted Castle so that the townsfolk can celebrate Halloween! Your Magic Tools will come in handy. 
It's a good thing that my Tool Shop is open- You can't really get around the castle without them. By the way, What gifts are you talking about
There are some V-eerie wonderful gifts you can get there for filling some Ghost Orders. Get Ready for some spooky fun!
Scroll Hunt Event Guide
Scroll Hunt Event Guide

Halloween GoodsEdit

Goods Materials
Made in
Pumpkin Level 8
3 coins 8 coins 3xp 25m Fields
Pumpkin Pie Level 8
Pumpkin pie
3 wheat
2 pumpkins
1 egg
35 coins 15xp 50m Bakery
Pumpkin Chips Level 14
Pumpkin chips
3 pumpkins 31 coins 13xp 2h30m Snack Factory
Halloween Costume Level 31
Halloween Costume
3 cotton fabric 139 coins 60xp 1h30m Tailor Shop

Goblin's ShopEdit

H- Castle

The Castle

You can always get the Magic Tools (Spells) you need to find Scrolls at the Haunted Castle in the Goblin's Shop. Open Chests to get them!

Scroll Hunt Goblin's Shop

Magic ToolsEdit

Magic Tools Description Cost (Amounts)
(x1) (x3) (x10)
Halloween Potion
Clears 1 shelf tile. Cash 1 Cash 8(x5) Cash12 (x15)
Halloween Fireworks
Clears 5 random tiles. Cash 4 Cash 11 Cash 32
Halloween Wand
Clears 9 adjacent shelf tiles. Cash 4 Cash 11 Cash 32

Personal EventEdit

Collecting scrolls to get prizes, and then earn a special rewards

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 35 Scrolls 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 70 Scrolls +2 Topaz
• Rare Deck (20 Cards)
Epic Deck
3rd Goal 125 Scrolls 1 Nails
+2 Load Coupons
Load Coupon
4th Goal 190 Scrolls • Helicopter Booster
• Epic Deck (40 Cards)
Generous customer
Epic Deck
5th Goal 250 Scrolls Decoration
+12 Tcash
+Profile Pic 172
Profile Pic 172
House of Horrors
6th+ Goal 160 Scrolls
+40 per Chest
Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Additional Chest Reward

All Halloween 2019 DecorationsEdit

View all of the Halloween 2019 Decorations.

Tournament Edit

School of Magic Competition
Tournament Information Profile Pic 173
Go to the Competition tab and compete against 30 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards.
Profile Pic 173

Tournament RewardsEdit

Competing with neighbors is freakishly fun! Join the tournament to ear the best prize at the end of the event.

Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Ghost Hunter • 50 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (50 Card)

Profile Pic 173
Epic Deck
2nd-3rd Terribly Smart • 30 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (30 Cards)
(Record demand booster for completed zoo)
Profile Pic 173
Epic Deck
4th-7th Castle Explorers • 2 Hammers
• 1 Epic Deck (15 cards)
Epic Deck
8th-12th ? 3 Nails
+1500 coins
13th-19th ? 750 coins
20th-30th ? 250 coins
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