Town Name: Brendon90
Invite Code: Q5SQEU
Co-op: Starting / Looking for a new co-op.

New Township Wiki

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  • The Township Wikia is no longer being updated (by Brendon).
  • All current pages and brand new content will be added to the new Township Wiki.

New Township videos and possibly livestreams coming soon to YouTube covering all aspects of Regatta, game strategies, and more coming soon at Subscribe to be notified when videos are uploaded!

Township Resources

  • All Goods: (A list of all goods that is printable without any images.)
  • All Academy Upgrades: (A spreadsheet with all factory upgrades and costs.)
  • The Biggest Cake: (An image or recipe to bake the biggest cake.)
  • Zoo Update: (A spreadsheet with all Zoo Enclosure costs, expansions, and Zoo Orders.)

Township Co-op and Regatta Resources

  • Co-op Form: (The form used to enter your co-ops information and add it to the List.)
  • Co-op Listings: (A list of all co-ops that have entered their information in the Form.)
  • Regatta Task List: (A list of every Regatta task + tips and how many points they're worth.)
  • Regatta Website: (A regatta website with some helpful Regatta information and tools.)

Favorite Pages

Community Pages

  • Blog Posts (You can use your blog to post updates about anything you want.)
  • Community Portal (Find out how you can help contribute to the Township Wiki!)
  • Forums (The best place to start discussions about Township.)
  • Questions and Answers Board (Have a question about Township? Ask questions here!)

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