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  • I live in India
  • I was born on August 13
  • I am Male
  • Adarsh2019


    March 15, 2020 by Adarsh2019

    Hi Everyone,

    I've decided to leave the Wiki. It has been almost a year editing an outdated wiki, which everyone wished to see updated. But now I feel, there is nothing to worry about or to update here.

    This is my sudden decision, but I have repeatedly wanted to leave the Wiki, but I could'nt due to our previous admin Ethan's poor health at that time. Nowadays, I find myself spending too much time here rather than focusing on my education, which is indeed in a crucial state, with some major exams in a few months. I feel happy to be an admin and accomplish all what I and the Wiki wanted, meeting new users, who has co-operated with me.

    My last wish was to complete the Level Up page and leave a wiki with a good admin and moderator, and that succe…

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