Dear Townshippers,

I wanted to let you all know after much long and hard consideration, I have submitted my resignation as admin of the Township Wiki and will be leaving the wiki as both admin and editor.

When I first began editing the wiki, it was to update some slightly outdated information. It was supposed to be a one-time only thing. I only wanted to help out the existing admins (who I didn’t realize had left) because I found so much helpful information. However, I kept coming back, and ultimately becoming bureaucrat and admin. I wanted to help grow and update the wiki, and feel I have done far beyond that.

I am graduating from college in a May, and with working full time, I don't much time for the wiki anymore. I will still be playing the game and hopefully participating in the forums every once and a while.

I would like to thank Sabine & Adarsh who have been so helpful and kind throughout my time as admin. Being an admin or moderator, or just regular editor can be a hard, tiring, and often thankless job. Thank you for persevering through all of that and making the wiki what it is today! I know I am leaving the wiki in the hands of a wonderful admin team!

The new admins are Adarsh and Eddieblake. Please welcome these users in their new roles!

Happy Townshipping, Ethan

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