Hi Townshipers,

I have a few updates that I would like to run past the community.

So first of all, the other day I annouced my interest in taking the wiki over. Well, I'm your new admin, I have already made a number of edits to the wiki such as updating the home page, wiki content page, adding to the navigation, and more! If you have any question just post them to my wall .

Also, I'v been adding spreadsheets with the material requirmeants before the March update for those on Windows who can't update any longer. I hope to add more of these in the coming days. You can view one on the Community Buildings page.

I have created a 2019 Decorations page, which contains the events that have happened so far, their decorations, and prices. I only have the arial challenge, so please add what you can to that page.

If you have any other question, let me know on my wall . Happy Editing, -Ethan

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