Advanced Agriculture (2020-Jun)

How many points after 2 days of competition??!!?... smh my head, rider of happy unicorns...

It's been more than 2 days of competing and some players only harvested the equivalent of a 10-minute wheat run?

Well, enjoy your free group rewards, i guess...

Not that i am complaining... it's nice to win so easily, but i just don't understand... the bottom 15 players are going to make less than half as many tournament points as me alone... 🤷

Update (after the event finished)

So, yes... some strange behaviour in the event...

  • I collected more event points than players 9 through 30 all combined.
  • The only other player making an effort and me, put toghether, collected more points than the other 28 "players" all pooled toghether.
  • The 11 players that got the lowest reward collected a total of less than 2000 points in the last 12 hours of the event.
  • The other guy competing, who had been always 2nd, except for a period when he used the violet booster, started going for the first place really aggressively, then stopped doing points for some hours, then on again and off again...
    • I don't think he ever did something better than carrots while on the booster.
    • He always planted mixed crops.
    • He always had some rice, strawberries, or tomatoes or worse growing on at least 20-30 fields.
    • He made me do an extra +21k points when it was already obvious i consistently harvested my crops faster than him, and also I could always do better crops than what he was doing.
    • It seemed like he was going to go for the second violet booster, but only during the final 3 hours did he really commit to play as if he had activated the booster, and he didn't use a second booster, which is a good thing because i've gathered quite a few and would have activated one too if he went for the second one. In any case it is a strange strategy to use only 3 hours of a violet booster for an event, specially one of the good ones, like Rich Fields.

Kudos to the other guy, however, because I had already given up hoping to get the global reward before he started gunning for #1. Prizes didn't seem good enough for the effort to do +110k on my own and possibly even up to +150k by the way thigs looked like, at the beggining of the event.


  • I think the threshold for starting participation in the event should be at least 5000 points.
  • Rich Fields booster should be a fixed reward for this event, so that the winner can recoup his booster if he uses it, acquiere a new one if he manages to win without using it, or at least not have such a hit if he chooses to use 2 of them.
  • Updates of the leaderboard and crop fields of opponents need to be more frequent... in some cases i was seeing a picture more than an hour old of what he was doing. At least 20 minute updates of the fields, and 5 minute updates of the leaderboard.

Advanced Agriculture (2020-Jun) 2

Yeah... the last guys stayed the same, only one did some 100+ points more. The battle for #1 really highlighted the different approachs towards event competition.

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