Competing against a fellow co-op member on this event, LOL! Luckily 2 can get the second prize, jaja! Turns out you get entered into the mayor's competiton when you fly a certain distance with the plane, unlike other events where you enter the competition when you get the first reward...

28th of June

Aerial Challenge (2020-Jun) Leaderboard


Ehrendingen, Sie musten passen to das firsten positionen, per favoren! Wie wanten die purplcolouren-boostermunchen für die Choochoowagen. Ja?

3rd of July

¡Desafío Aéreo! 2020-Jun-26@2x 2

*Animation from Flourish*

Update (after the event finished)

I managed to get the violet booster...
¡Aerial Challenge! 2020-Jun-26 My awards

... could have done nothing the last 5 days and still get it anyways, just in 3rd position, instead of 2nd...

¡Aerial Challenge! 2020-Jun-26 My leaderboard

In the end I had some leftovers, unfortunately I didn't time it right and missed on getting 2 reward chests. The last one I got, was 3 nails, seems it's always 2-3Tcash, or 4-6TCash, or something like barn material, expansion tools, ingots, etc. Good thing is now i know each fuel barrel is worth 30coins, what a robbery!

¡Aerial Challenge! 2020-Jun-26 My leftovers

Wish i could have gone against this little fella...

¡Aerial Challenge! 2020-Jun-26 Globar leaderboard

I guess then i posso jogar duro desde a primera feira e ser o segumdo facil, sabe? ;)

I had to push some negative Gs towards the ground and bail out at 12% accelerator to be able to stop without overtaking little comrade Katrinka :D

¡Aerial Challenge! 2020-Jun-26 My flight
  • I wish I could see the leaderboards again after the event has finished, specially to find out if little "Terra de minas" gets to keep his mark... everyone is calling him a cheat.
  • The threshold for entering the event caught me by surprise... it should either be:
    • Getting your first personal reward.
    • Surpassing a pre-establshed mark in the 3000metres vecindary. It was something like 300-500m this time and I'm sure most people ended up unhappy with whom they had to compete with. Either because of to easy or too hard.
  • I just relized they used "feet" when you put the game in english. That's too bad, they should get rid of that, it makes no diference here, you can simply say "units", or put no unit at all and the blue marker can symbolize the unit... "you flew 5989 blue little markers". I have to check what they use when you put it in every other language, now, just to make sure :)
  • Did it ever ask me for a "plane cookie" to make fuel? I think no... will have to check. I think i only used them in heli orders... i remember being worried at first because they used so much cream, but then i made a dozen and they lasted me the whole week... :shrug . Similar to one of the previous events, i think the italian one, yes, where i made 20 tablecloths and ended up selling them all at the end... that's probably a game bug because i remember there being only 3 event products way back. They added one more but didn't do the math to see how much it should be asked, haha!
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