1) Am I allowed to change wiki articles? From before i created a username for the wiki, my contributions to the main article get reversed, then someone does the change i did again.

2) What is the procedure/clearance? I've noticed that some people write the info as a comment on the article.

3) How do i write a "new line character"? I am trying to edit my profile, but if i just press enter or alt+enter, then i can see the desired result on the editor, but when i publish they both get deleted and all the text is on the same line. The only thing I managed to do was to write two consecutive enters and that gets published as a "paragraph break".

4) What is the preferred browser? I've noticed Firefox seems to show some content that Chrome does not. I have very outdated versions of both and can't update them. Firefox ESR 52.9.0 (32-bits) and Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m.

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