This is a Regatta Team looking for dedicated players only, that love to join and do Interseasonal Regatta but most importantly Boat Race Regatta, you must be active you must help and share goods, must speak English. We are chatty so dont be shy we wont bite you.

Boat Race Tasks minimum of 135 points. If you dump a task you must advise in chat and reason why you dumped it. We are in Golden League all tasks are required to be completed 2160 total score per member. 

If for whatever reason you cant make a boat race you must *untick* racing otherwise that affects our co-op if you are racing and dont do the required amount of tasks. Communication is your best tool. Please dont abuse the *not racing* only use it if you truly cant commit to racing. Inactivity results in removal.

We are looking for level 65 and above players to join us as we have enough lower levels.

We do not do task reserves as it's too much stress and doesnt really work.​​​​​​ I will turn reserve task on towards end of the race when there is not many members left that way there is no hogging tasks.

Members doing fill Railcar tasks or crate fill tasks are to ask for trains 🚞🚉🚈and planes ✈🛬🛫 on a regular basis so that your task gets done quickly. Members also need to check in chat first before they post help for their trains to make sure that members who are filling railcar fills are online and to let them know what your train needs dont assume that the member who is doing railcar Task fill has those specific items as they may not have those items. Please dont sit on your tasks from start of the race to let them expire or face removal.


❌If you take part in this you must not let your task expire as it is UNFAIR on the other two members that are in the same chest as you where they have completed their tasks.  You start the task then you are committed to complete it as quickly as you can and ask for help if needed and vice versa. If you let it expire then you get restricted and you will lose the rewards at the end.

If we feel there is no activity at all from you then you will not be left in our co-op to sit there and take up valuable space that could be given to an active player.

Our co-op is #REG6K3. Do not ask to be coleader I have enough coleaders.

You must row the boat or face being sunk from our boat. 🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️

 Please be patient as you must send a request to join our co-op then I or one of my members will check you out before acceptance.✔

Do not turn your status to offline and then you post for help as that's not on. Only use offline status if you are busy and cant be active on our coop and you must let us know so we know not to remove you as inactive gets you removed.

Dump planes ✈🛫🛬 towards the end if you're not willing to spend tcash to bring planes in early.

Tip: use your ingots to reduce travel times on trains 🚞🚝🚉 and ships 🛳🛥🚣‍♀️

Our GOAL is to get our coop on the Leaderboard to win tcash

😋 If you meet our requirements then please come join us send a request to join then wait. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ABOVE.

Screenshot 20181016-054745 Township

Screenshot of our Trophies. Our goal is to complete all plus extras 👍🌹

Screenshot 20181016-054839 Township

Screenshot of my co-op inbox so you know up front