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Hello Townshippers! Welcome to the Township Wiki! We really appreciate you coming here. If you have any questions about Township? Feel free to ask them! If you find any errors please comment and we will update them as soon as possible! To search for something there is a search button on the top right so feel free to search for anything! Enjoy your time here on the Township Wiki and have a great day ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Township Home Welcome to the Township Wiki.
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Recent Changes View the latest changes in detail on the Township Wiki.
Barn Information and materials required for barn upgrades.
Also some tips on saving storage space in the barn
Houses Icon.png
Houses Information on building all the different houses.
Including levels, population, cost, and time to build.
Community Buildings Icon.png
Community Buildings Information and tips on building all the community buildings.
Including levels, added population, cost, experience, materials required, rewards, and time to build.
Factories Icon.png
Factories Information on building all the factories.
Including levels, population, cost, and time to build.
Farming Icon.png
Farm Buildings Information on the animal farms and their goods produced:
Cowshed, Chicken Coop, Sheep Farm, Apiary, Pig Farm, Duck Feeder, Otter Pond and Mushroom Farm.
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Special Buildings Information on all of the unique special buildings.
Including levels, population, cost, time to build and description.
Zoo Introduction Enclosures Level requirements, cost and materials for enclosures at the Zoo.
Expansions Information on expansions at the Zoo.
Combined Crate Quantities You can view a list of estimated goods and quantities needed to fill zoo crates at the Combined Crate Quantities page.
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Decoration Table by type Galleries of all standard decorations including regular coin, walk of fame, town signs, and gem decor.
All Decorations Decorations A gallery of decorations including upgradable, seasonal, and achievement decorations. You can also find links to details guides on how to complete each decoration.
Legacy Decorations Decorations from the Township store and previous events that are no longer available.
Helicopter Information & tips on sending Helicopter orders.
You can view a list of all Customers here.
Train Information & tips on sending off trains and rewards brought by train. You can view a list of estimated goods and quantities to fill train carts at the Combined Crate Quantities page.
Airport Information & tips on sending off airplanes. You can view a list of estimated goods and quantities needed to fill airplane crates at the Combined Crate Quantities page.
Ships Goods brought by ships, information and tips about sending ships off. Also upgrades and effects on ships using ingots.
โ˜… SPECIAL โ˜…
Academy of Industry.png
Academy of Industry Information on how to build and use one of the key buildings in Township. How to upgrade factories, trains and ships, what's available to be upgraded, and recommendations on where to begin upgrading.
City Market.png
City Market Information on building and using the City Market.
How to hire and use the dealer effectively, information on special crates, and discounts/sales at the market.
Laboratory (1).jpg
Laboratory Information on boosters available to activate with gems at the Laboratory as well as how to earn or buy gems.
Strategic Reserve Icon.png
Foundry Information on the cost and requirements to build the foundry. How to make ingots and what they are used for.
Lucky Chance Icon.png
House of Luck The first special building in Township. Learn how to earn clovers to play and win rewards. Even use it to earn T-cash!
Museum Information on the museums purpose, and a showcase of all artifacts and rewards available at the mine and islands.
Mine Everything you need to know about the mine from the first moment excavating a platinum ore with a pickaxe, to destroying clay with a chain reaction of explosives.
Tips on tools, tiles, rewards, and more.
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Tool Exchange Information on the Tool Exchange, the Special tools used to Build Community Buildings and Tips on Buying these Tools.
โ˜… GAMEPLAY โ˜…
Achievements Icon.png
Achievements Information on all Achievements at the Town Hall and the T-cash rewards for completing them from 1-4 stars.
Cash Tips on how to earn T-cash to develop your Township.
Coin Tips on how to earn coins to develop your Township.
Gems Tips on how to earn Gems to buy decorations and develop your Township.
Goods Header.png
Crops All the crops in Township and what they are used for.
Goods All the goods and products in the game.
Find details and where any goods are used or come from.
Expansions All the requirements, materials and costs for town and zoo expansions. Also view information on population requirements for all Fields available in your Town.
Construction Materials.png
Construction Materials All the information and history about construction materials used now and construction materials used before and costs for buying them Also view tips on on how to get more of them
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Friends Information on adding friends in-game, through Facebook, or Google Play Games. Interacting with friends and the benefits of having in-game friends. Share your codes here!
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Level Up All rewards and unlocked items from leveling up.
Profile Pic 0.png
Level up, construct buildings, complete achievements and more to earn unique profile pictures! View all available profile pictures at the Town Hall and how to unlock them.
Co-op Building.png
Co-op Frequently asked questions and information on everything about joining or starting and maintaining your own Co-op.
Regatta Learn about Regattas, Tips to make Regattas easier, and everything there is to know about mastering Regattas and climbing to the top of the Golden League Leaderboards with your co-op. Including all Regatta rewards.
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Town Designs View screenshots/videos of players Townships.
Upload, share and comment on Townships designs here!
Town Day Event Icon.png
Events A page with all of the details on previous and the latest Community Events in Township from Oct. 2015 onward.

Event decorations are listed on the 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 Decorations pages.

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Game Updates Posts about new updates and content in Township.
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About Township Information on Township and developers announcements.
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Polls Create polls for fun and see Township users opinions.
โ˜… HELP โ˜…
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Add Content A list of to-do's anyone can help contribute to, to help the Township Wiki including missing information, images, etc.
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Table Information Learn how to edit and understand tables.
Sandbox A page that exists so that you can practice editing or formatting (see Help:Editing) without changing content on the Wiki. Feel free to try wiki editing out here first.
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Township Help Transfer Township Learn how to transfer game progress from your old device to your new one following the steps on this page.
Contact Playrix If your issue isn't resolved using in-game help topics follow these instructions on this page to contact Playrix's customer support.
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Wiki Help All Help Contents Everything you need to know about helping to make the Wiki better.
Getting Started Information to get started on your exciting editing adventure!
Help Contribute Learn to format/edit, use wiki tools, add content and advice to teach you how to become a great contributor.
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Blog Posts Blog posts from users. You can use your blog to post updates about anything Township related.
What do you want to show/tell other Townshippers?
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Co-op Ads Post an Ad for your Co-op here!
Co-op Discuss co-ops or co-op questions here.
Regatta Share your Regatta experiences and strategies.
Town Share achievements, ideas, or strategies on how to progress in Township!
Town Designs Tell the story behind your towns design, and find inspiration for new ideas!
Zoo Talk about Zoos or ask any Zoo related questions here.
Zoo Designs Explain what makes your Zoo pop, and gain insight for developments!
General All conversations about Township.
Q & A Have a question about Township? Ask questions here!
Wiki Discussion Leave feedback and suggestions for the Wiki.
Wiki Lounge Have fun discussions with Township Wiki friends!
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Administrators View the Admins on Township Wiki, and everything you need to know about Administrators & Bureaucrats.
User List Find yourself and information on the Wiki's users.
User Rights User groups on the Wiki with their associated rights.
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Wiki Leaderboard Achievements for all users on the Township Wiki for fun!
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Wiki Talk Communicate with others about Township or the Wiki.
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Random page Be inspired by surfing through random pages.
Images Add or view uploaded images on Township Wiki.
Videos Upload or view Township Wiki's videos.
Discussions The best place to start discussions about Township. (for logged-in users)