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For Windows Users Edit

This page is intended to provide information for Township players who use the Windows version of the game. You can use the provided links to locate game features that are specific to the Windows version of the game. The majority of active editors on this wiki use the Mobile version of the game and do not have insight into Windows specifics, but we will try to help where we can. Pages that include game features that are not available in the Windows version of the game are marked with the following notice:

Windows Updates Edit

Updates to the Windows version of the game are occurring less frequently, with the last windows update at Dec 3, 2018. While the Mobile and Mac versions are updated monthly, the Windows version is a year or more behind. We know that can be frustrating, but this wiki is maintained by players and we do not have any control over the frequency of updates.

Windows-exclusive content Edit

Only windows users can have these old content because they are removed on mobile and mac in an update starting from 15 Jan 2019.


In the mint, you could sell ingots for more coins than you would get from the barn. It is removed on mobile and mac at 17 Mar 2019.

Old Zoo Building Materials Edit

Building materials for Zoo Enclosures and Zoo Buildings.

Community Building materials needed prior to the implementation of the Tool Exchange are listed on the Community Buildings page and in this spreadsheet.

Old Zoo Shop Sale Prices Edit

The value of items sold at the zoo shops at each upgrade level can be found here.

Old Zoo Buildings Edit

2015-2018 Zoo Navigation (discontinued)
Zoo Building | Zoo Upgrades | Snack Bar | Cafe | 4D Theater | Ice Cream Shop | Gift Shop | Restaurant | Petting Zoo | Beverage Store | Nursery
Zoo Buildings Zoo Upgrades
4D Theater Ice Cream Shop
Beverage Store Petting Zoo
Cafe Restaurant
Gift Shop Snack Bar

Old Animal Costs Edit

These links refer to old zoo pages that contain zoo animal costs before zoo cards were implemented. Please do not edit the old pages, as they will overwrite current zoo information.

Arctic Fox Hippopotamus Porcupine
Bald Eagle Kangaroo Raccoon
Bear Koala Reindeer
Beaver Lion Rhinoceros
Black Crowned Crane Lynx Seal
Black Panther Macaw Snow Monkey
Camel Marten Snowy Owl
Chimpanzee Muskox Skunk
Crocodile Ostrich Tapir
Elephant Panda Tiger
Fennec Fox Peacock Tortoise
Flamingo Pelican Toucan
Gazelle Penguin Walrus
Giraffe Platypus Wild Boar
Gorilla Polar Bear Zebra

Zoo NurseryEdit

In the Nursery you can breed child animals instead of directly purchase with zoo cards.

Not Available For Windows Edit

List of game features not available in the Windows version.

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