Build your Dream Zoo in your Township...

Zoo is a special building, available at level 24. Enter the zoo grounds to build your enclosures to display your animals and zoo decorations.

Welcome to the Zoo

Zoo Enclosures[edit | edit source]

Bear Enclosure

Flamingo Enclosure

  • There are 50 enclosures, since v7.1.0. To view all the enclosure information refer to the Zoo Enclosures page.
  • For building an enclosure you will earn 2-5 T-cash as a reward.
  • The first two enclosures - Bear and Flamingo - are already built, when you restore the zoo.

Zoo Shop[edit | edit source]

Zoo entry

Zoo shop

Zoo Shop is a special building in the zoo, where you can buy Zoo Sets which contain animal cards and cost T-cash and gems. Refer to the Zoo Shop page.

Zoo Cards[edit | edit source]

Zoo Guide 3.png

There are 3 types of zoo animal cards. The rarer the card, the harder it is to obtain:

  1. Regular Deck.png Regular (brown) - For parent animals (need 30 for each parent)
  2. Rare Deck.png Rare (blue) - For baby boy (need 15)
  3. Epic Deck.png Epic (yellow) - For baby girl (need 10)

You require 85 cards in total to complete an animal family.

Zoo Decks[edit | edit source]

Guide Cards.PNG

In events, House of Luck, daily rewards, reward chests, regatta, yacht club and zoo orders you earn Zoo Decks which contain a random number of Zoo Cards. These vary according to your level, and the number of animals you have.
Zoo Decks are of three types:

Deck Number of Zoo Cards
Regular Deck.png
Regular Deck
5 ZooCards.png (Regular)
10 ZooCards.png (Events)
Contains more Regular Cards
Rare Deck.png
Rare Deck
3 to 5 ZooCards.png (Regular)
15 or 30 ZooCards.png (Events)
15 to 30 ZooCards.png (Regatta)
Contains more Rare Cards
Epic Deck.png
Epic Deck
3 to 5 ZooCards.png (Regular)
40 to 50 ZooCards.png (Events)
30 to 40 ZooCards.png (Regatta)
Contains more Epic Cards

Alternative Ways to get Zoo Cards/Decks[edit | edit source]

  • Completing top 2 and 3 in events - 30 ZooCards.png
  • Completing top 4-6 in events - 15 ZooCards.png
  • Regatta - 12-18 ZooCards.png
  • Daily rewards/chests/sea chests - 3 to 4 ZooCards.png

Zoo Orders[edit | edit source]

To access the zoo orders outside the zoo

Zoo Order Board 2.png

An easy way to get zoo cards is by filling Zoo Orders

  • The Zoo Order Board shows the orders and the goods requested
  • An order requires 2 different goods, but you do not have to fill both at the same time
  • To fill an order you need to enter the zoo via the shuttle bus.  There is a clipboard which contains the orders, and you can see orders floating over people's heads
  • If you do not have the required number of goods, start producing at factories/farms, ask for help or buy at the city market etc
  • Each day you can ask for help with filling one product on an individual zoo order, and up to a maximum of 3 products
  • You can earn clovers as rewards by filling your friends' zoo orders
  • Zoo orders cannot be deleted
  • After completing a zoo order, the next order pops up after 3 hours (or you can see the zoo order speed up information below)
  • Over a day, you can fill a maximum of 8 orders without spending Tcash.

Rewards chest

  • But when you have just restored the zoo, your first order gives you 30 zoo cards to collect your first animal. Then it gradually changes to 3, then 5, then 7, then 9. When you complete your 25th order, you will have to start completing 12 zoo orders to collect the reward.
  • Complete orders at the zoo to unlock reward chests. Rewards may include 5 zoo cards, 1 ingot, 2 gems or 2 construction materials

Unlock reward chests

Please Note: Zoo orders do not have a dump button. Although Playrix has lowered the required amount of production necessary, they will not be adding a dump button "anytime soon".

Zoo Order Requirements[edit | edit source]

Each zoo order contains a maximum of 9 goods at a time (9 Bread, 9 Milk, or 9 Popcorn). Refer to the Combined Crate Quantities page for further details.

Guide 3-0.PNG

Zoo Order Speed Up[edit | edit source]

Zoo order screen

The next zoo order can be sped up by using T-cash on the zoo order screen (this is not on the zoo order board),
or via the zoo order clipboard when in the zoo. Zoo Order Clipboard Icon.png

Zoo Completion[edit | edit source]

The zoo requires 4080 cards to be restored completely. When you complete restoring the Zoo, completing zoo orders help you to earn ingots, gems and expansion tools. You may receive zoo decks, but all zoo cards received will be doubles, so you can get lots of rewards like cash, ingots, barn tools, mine tools, expansion tools, and building materials by exchanging with the 20 zoo double cards. 

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Always build an enclosure after you collect all 85 cards of animals. You can then collect both rewards at a time instead of waiting
  • Do not build many enclosures at once. As when you build many enclosures, the train's algorithm may get affected.
  • Always check before you build enclosures that you have enough materials to build it.

Zoo Expansions[edit | edit source]

Zoo Expansions.png

Zoo, like the town, needs to be expanded for placing new decorations and building new enclosures. Refer to Zoo Expansions Page.

Zoo Decorations[edit | edit source]

Snack bar.png

When you collect animals, you earn special decorations to buy at the township and zoo. Refer to Zoo Decorations Page.

Zoo Tutorial[edit | edit source]

New to the Zoo? This video will open you the doors and make you feel at home there.


Zoo Tutorial

Old Zoo Version[edit | edit source]

Expand the area if you would like to see the Old Zoo Version information.

Please do not edit the old versions of these pages, as they will overwrite current zoo information.

In the old zoo version (before Jan 15 2019 in mobile, before Oct 28 2020 in Windows), the zoo had a different gameplay. It was unlocked at Level 40, cost 20,000 coins and required 3 days to restore.

When the zoo was updated, zoo-exclusive building materials and amethyst are refunded with other items.

Windows update mint removal oct 2020.png

Old Zoo Building Materials[edit | edit source]

Building materials for Zoo Enclosures and Zoo Buildings.

Community Building materials needed prior to the implementation of the Tool Exchange are listed on the Community Buildings page and in this spreadsheet.

~~Old Zoo Buildings~~
Main article: Zoo Building, All Zoo Upgrades, Popularity, Selling Price, Selling Time.

Players used to sell goods in zoo buildings at a higher price, especially if a good was labelled as "Hot". These eight zoo buildings have been turned into decorations and are listed below.

2015-2018 Zoo Navigation (discontinued)
Zoo Building | Zoo Upgrades | Snack Bar | Cafe | 4D Theater | Ice Cream Shop | Gift Shop | Restaurant | Petting Zoo | Beverage Store | Nursery

~~Old Animal Costs~~
These links refer to old zoo pages that contain zoo animal costs before zoo cards were implemented.

Please do not edit the old versions of these pages, as they will overwrite current zoo information.
Arctic Fox Hippopotamus Porcupine Bald Eagle Kangaroo
Raccoon Bear Koala Reindeer Beaver
Lion Rhinoceros Black Crowned Crane Lynx Seal
Black Panther Macaw Snow Monkey Camel Marten
Snowy Owl Chimpanzee Muskox Skunk Crocodile
Ostrich Tapir Elephant Panda Tiger
Fennec Fox Peacock Tortoise Flamingo Pelican
Toucan Gazelle Penguin Walrus Giraffe
Platypus Wild Boar Gorilla Polar Bear Zebra

~~Old Zoo Nursery~~
In the Nursery you could breed child animals instead of directly purchasing with zoo cards.

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