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Zoo Introduction Edit

Zoo 2019

Zoo January 2019

Zoo is a special building unlocking at Level 40, costing 5000 Coins and requires 12 hours to be built. In the zoo you collect animal cards of different animals such as Bears, Arctic Foxes, Red Panda and 45 other animals.

Zoo is unlocked at Level 40 for Windows and cost 20,000 coins to restore.

Zoo Enclosures Edit

Platypus Enclosure
  • There are 48 Enclosures, since v6.7.0. To view all the enclosure information refer to Zoo Enclosures Page.
  • For building an Enclosure you earn 2-5 Tcash as a reward.
  • The First 2 Enclosures - Bear and Flamingo - are already built, when you restore the zoo

Zoo Shop Edit

Zoo shop-0

Zoo Shop is a special building, in the zoo, where you can buy Zoo Sets which contain Animal Cards and cost Tcash and Gems. Refer to the Zoo Shop Page

Zoo Cards Edit


Zoo Cards are of 3 Types:-

  1. Regular Cards (Brown) - For Parent Animals
  2. Rare Cards (Blue) - For Baby Boy
  3. Epic Cards (Yellow) - For Baby Girl
  • To get a Parent Animal (Mother and Father) you require, 30 Cards of that Animal
  • To get a Baby Boy you require, 15 Cards of that Animal
  • To get a Baby Girl you require, 10 Cards of that Animal
  • As of a total, you require 85 Cards to complete an Animal Family

How To Get Cards? Edit

Guide Cards

Zoo Orders Edit


The easiest way to get zoo cards is by filling Zoo Orders

  • An order requires 2 different goods at a time
  • If you do not have the required number of goods, ask for help or start producing them, buy at the city market etc.
  • The Zoo Order Board Shows the orders and the goods requested
  • Daily you can ask for help for filling maximum 3 Zoo Orders.
  • You can earn clovers as rewards by filling zoo orders
  • Zoo orders cannot be deleted
  • After completing a Zoo order, the next order pops up after 4 hours
  • At a day, you can maximum fill 8 Orders
  • But when you have just restored the Zoo, your first order gives you 30 Zoo Cards to collect your First Animal. Then it gradually changes to 3, then 5, then 7, then 9. When you complete your 25th order, you will have to start completing 12 Zoo Orders to collect the Reward.
  • Rewards Include 5 Zoo Cards, 1 Ingot, 2 Gems or 2 Construction materials

Please Note: Zoo orders do not have a dump button. Although Playrix has lowered the required amount of production necessary, they will not be adding a dump button "anytime soon".

Zoo Order Requirements Edit

Zoo 7

An Example of an Order

Zoo Orders usually require the following number of goods from each factory. Each zoo order can only contain maximum 9 of a particular Goods (9 Bread, 9 Milk, 9 Popcorn) at a time. Refer to Zoo Quantities page.

Guide 3-0

Zoo Decks Edit

In Events, House of Luck, Daily Rewards, Sea chests and Yacht Club you earn Zoo Decks which contain a random number of Zoo Cards, which vary according to the level, and the Number of Animals you have

Zoo Decks are of three types:-

Regular Decks Edit

Zoo Deck Regular

Contains more Regular Cards

Rare Decks Edit

Zoo Cards

Contains more Rare Cards

Epic Decks Edit

Epic Deck

Contains more Epic Cards

Zoo Decks after completing Zoo Edit

  • After completing the zoo you may earn decks in events even though you don't require cards.
  • You get cards doubles instead, which can be exchanged with construction materials, ingots and gems at the double set at the zoo shop

Deck Quantities Edit

  • House of luck/Filling zoo orders - 4 to 5 cards
  • Event Goal 2 in Events - 20 Rare cards
  • Event Goal 4 in Events - 40 Epic cards
  • Completing top 1 in Events - 50 cards
  • Completing top 2 and 3 in Events - 30 cards
  • Completing top 4-6 in Events - 15 cards
  • Regatta - Depends on the league
  • Daily rewards/Chests/Sea Chests - 3 to 4 cards


The zoo requires 3995 cards to be restored completely. When you complete restoring the Zoo, completing Zoo Orders help you to earn Ingots, Gems and Expansion Tools. You may receive zoo Decks, but all Zoo cards received will be Doubles, so you can get lots of rewards like Cash, ingots, barn tools, mine tools, expansion tools, and building materials by exchanging with the zoo doubles. 


Koala Family
  • Always build an enclosure after you collect all 85 cards of animals. You can then collect both rewards at a time instead of waiting
  • Do not not build many enclosures at once. As when you build many enclosures, the train's algorithm may get affected.
  • Always check before you build enclosures that you have enough materials to build it.

Zoo Expansions Edit

Zoo Expansions

Zoo, like the town, needs to be expanded for placing new decorations and building new enclosures. Refer to Zoo Expansions Page.


Snack bar

When you collect animals, you earn special decorations to buy at the township and zoo. Refer to Zoo Decorations Page

Zoo Tutorial Edit

New to the Zoo? This tutorial will open you the doors and make you feel at home there.

Zoo Tutorial

Zoo Tutorial

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