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Refer to Combined Crate Quantities page.

A single location to view/edit crate quantities for plane, train and zoo.

Zoo Order Board 2.png

  • This page shows the maximum required amount of goods for filling zoo orders. The minimum of all goods is 1 and the maximum is 9.
  • The quantities listed below are estimates for zoo orders.
  • The customers requires less quantity for lower levels, and more as you gain levels.

Note: Factories are listed in alphabetical order.

You are welcome to contribute by editing/updating/commenting on the zoo quantities below.

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Zoo Order Quantities

You are able to sort the columns alphabetically by clicking on a header name (PC only).
Refreshing the page will take you back to the default order.
Goods Max. Requirement
Zoo Order Task.png
Farming Milk 9
Farming Egg 9
Farming Wool 9
Farming Honeycomb 9
Farming Bacon 9
Farming Down Feather 9
Farming Colorful Feather 7
Farming Seaweed 9
Farming Scallop 7
Farming Pearls 5
Farming Mushroom 5
Crops Wheat 9
Crops Corn 9
Crops Carrot 9
Crops Sugarcane 9
Crops Cotton 9
Crops Strawberry 9
Crops Tomato 9
Crops Pine Tree 9
Crops Potato 7
Crops Cacao 6
Crops Rubber Tree 6
Crops Silk 5
Crops Pepper 7
Crops Rice 9
Crops Rose 7
Crops Jasmine 7
Crops Coffee Plant 7
Crops Peanut 6
Crops Tea Plant 6
Asian Restaurant Sushi Roll 3
Asian Restaurant Lobster Sushi 3
Asian Restaurant Coconut Soup 1
Asian Restaurant Mushroom Salad 2
Asian Restaurant Peanut Sauce 1
Asian Restaurant Rice Noodles 2
Asian Restaurant Sea Salad 2
Asian Restaurant Scallop Sushi 2
Asian Restaurant Seaweed Shrimp Salad ?
Bakery Bread 9
Bakery Cookies 7
Bakery Bagel 8
Bakery Pizza 2
Bakery Potato Bread 2
Bakery Banana Bread 2
Bakery Seafood Pizza 2
Bakery Mushroom Turnover 2
Beverage Factory Vitamin Cocktail 5
Beverage Factory Grape Fizz 4
Beverage Factory Chocolate Smoothie 3
Beverage Factory Watermelon Fresh 2
Beverage Factory Iced Tea 2
Beverage Factory Tropical Mix 2
Bouquet Factory Summer Bouquet 5
Bouquet Factory Vegetable Bouquet 5
Bouquet Factory Wedding Bouquet 5
Bouquet Factory Candy Bouquet 3
Bouquet Factory Flower Basket 3
Bouquet Factory Tea and Coffee Bouquet ?
Candy Factory Chocolate 2
Candy Factory Chocolate Bar 2
Candy Factory Honey Marshmallow 2
Candy Factory Jelly Beans 3
Candy Factory Jelly Fruit Slices 2
Candy Factory Lollipop 2
Candy Factory Candy Cane 3
Candy Factory Toffee 3
Candy Factory Green Tea Candy ?
Coffee Factory Caffè Mocha 3
Coffee Factory Cappuccino 4
Coffee Factory Espresso 5
Coffee Factory Hot Chocolate 3
Dairy Factory Butter 4
Dairy Factory Cheese 9
Dairy Factory Cream 9
Dairy Factory Peach Yogurt 2
Dairy Factory Yogurt 7
Doll Factory Puppet ?
Doll Factory Porcelain Doll ?
Doll Factory Fashion Doll ?
Doll Factory Rag Doll ?
Down Feather Factory Pillow 5
Down Feather Factory Parka 5
Down Feather Factory Down Quilt 3
Fast Food Restaurant Milk Shake 8
Fast Food Restaurant Cheeseburger 5
Fast Food Restaurant Sandwich 5
Fast Food Restaurant French Fries 5
Fast Food Restaurant Baked Potato 3
Fast Food Restaurant Fish Burger 2
Fast Food Restaurant Fish & Chips 2
Fast Food Restaurant Peanut Butter Crépes 1
Festive Factory Balloon 4
Festive Factory Cotton Candy 3
Festive Factory Soap Bubbles 2
Festive Factory Lei 4
Festive Factory Piñata 2
Furniture Factory Bed ?
Furniture Factory Chair ?
Furniture Factory Couch ?
Furniture Factory Floor Lamp 1
Furniture Factory Table ?
Grill Factory Bacon and Eggs 2
Grill Factory Baked Lobster 2
Grill Factory Fried Fish 2
Grill Factory Grilled Scallop 2
Grill Factory Pancakes with Honey 2
Grill Factory Rice Casserole 2
Grill Factory Roast Meat 1
Grill Factory Quiche 2
Grill Factory Lobster Omelet 2
Hot Dog Factory Hot Dog 4
Hot Dog Factory Corn Dog 3
Hot Dog Factory Coney Dog 2
Ice Cream Factory Eskimo Pie 2
Ice Cream Factory Frozen Yogurt 4
Ice Cream Factory Ice Cream 5
Ice Cream Factory Peanut Butter Parfait 2
Ice Cream Factory Pineapple Sorbet 2
Ice Cream Factory Popsicle 5
Ice Cream Factory Rose Sorbet 3
Italian Restaurant Olive Oil 3
Italian Restaurant Bruschetta 3
Italian Restaurant Pasta Arrabiatta 2
Italian Restaurant Ravioli 2
Italian Restaurant Tiramisu 2
Italian Restaurant Lasagna 2
Jam Factory Caramelized Mushrooms ?
Jam Factory Grape Jelly 3
Jam Factory Peach Marmalade 3
Jam Factory Peanut Butter 2
Jam Factory Plum Jam 2
Jam Factory Rose Jam 2
Jam Factory Strawberry Jam 3
Jam Factory Watermelon Jam 2
Jewelry Store ~ 0
Kitchenware Factory Cup ?
Kitchenware Factory Frying Pan ?
Kitchenware Factory Teapot ?
Kitchenware Factory Cutlery ?
Kitchenware Factory Tea Ceremony ?
Mexican Restaurant Bacon-wrapped
Jalapeño Poppers
Mexican Restaurant Burrito 2
Mexican Restaurant Gazpacho 2
Mexican Restaurant Chili Sauce 4
Mexican Restaurant Corn Soup 2
Mexican Restaurant Mole Sauce 3
Mexican Restaurant Mushroom Soup 1
Mexican Restaurant Nachos 2
Mexican Restaurant Taco 2
Music Factory Ukulele ?
Music Factory Saxophone ?
Music Factory Drum ?
Music Factory Accordion ?
Music Factory Pan Flute ?
Paper Factory Paper 5
Paper Factory Paper Towels 4
Paper Factory Wallpaper 2
Paper Factory Book 2
Paper Factory Tea Bags 2
Pastry Factory Brownie 5
Pastry Factory Cheesecake 2
Pastry Factory Coconut Macaroon 2
Pastry Factory Donut 2
Pastry Factory Muffin 5
Pastry Factory Honey Gingerbread 2
Pastry Factory Key Lime Pie 2
Pastry Factory Cupcake 5
Perfume Factory Air Freshener ?
Perfume Factory Aromatherapy Candle ?
Perfume Factory Face Mask ?
Perfume Factory Jasmine Oil ?
Perfume Factory Lotion ?
Perfume Factory Perfume ?
Perfume Factory Scented Soap ?
Plastics Factory Ball 2
Plastics Factory Inflatable Boat 2
Plastics Factory Plastic Bottle 4
Plastics Factory Toys 3
Plastics Factory Shuttlecock 2
Plastics Factory Modeling Clay 3
Rubber Factory Glue 5
Rubber Factory Plastic 5
Rubber Factory Rubber 5
Shoe Factory Boots ?
Shoe Factory Flip Flops ?
Shoe Factory High-Heeled Shoes ?
Shoe Factory Sneakers ?
Shoe Factory Warm Boots ?
Snack Factory Canapé 2
Snack Factory Corn Chips 9
Snack Factory Dried Mushrooms 1
Snack Factory Glazed Bacon 3
Snack Factory Granola 8
Snack Factory Popcorn 9
Snack Factory Potato Chips 2
Snack Factory Puffed Rice 3
Snack Factory Salted Peanuts 4
Sugar Factory Caramel 3
Sugar Factory Honey Caramel 2
Sugar Factory Sugar 7
Sugar Factory Syrup 9
Tailor Shop Shirt 5
Tailor Shop Sweater 4
Tailor Shop Coat 3
Tailor Shop Hat 2
Tailor Shop Dress 2
Tailor Shop Suit 2
Tailor Shop Tyrolean Hat 2
Tailor Shop Gown 1
Tea Factory Black Tea ?
Tea Factory Jasmine White Tea ?
Tea Factory Rose Tea ?
Tea Factory Butter Tea ?
Tea Factory Milk Oolong Tea ?
Tea Factory Chocolate Custard ?
Textile Factory Cotton Fabric 9
Textile Factory Silk Fabric 2
Textile Factory Yarn 7
Island Banana 4
Island Coconut 4
Island Fish 4
Island Grape 4
Island Key Lime 3
Island Lobster 3
Island Olive 4
Island Peach 4
Island Pineapple 3
Island Plum 3
Island Shrimp 4
Island Watermelon 4
Mine Clay 8
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