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The Zoo Shop is located next to the entrance of the Zoo.

Sets Available at the Zoo Shop

Zoo Shop Sets.png

At the Zoo Shop there are 4 purchases available including:

  1. Animal Card(s) ~ Gems Gems.png
  2. Tracker Set ~ 40 T-cash Cash.png
  3. Naturalist Set ~ 100 T-cash Cash.png
  4. Zoo Keeper Set ~ 200 T-cash Cash.png
  5. Doubles Set ~ Earn 10 Card Doubles in Chests and Decks, to get 4 Regular Cards

The color of the Deck or Set matches the color of the Rarest Card they contain.

Animal Card(s)

Zoo Animal Card Gems.png
  • Firstly you can purchase 1- 3 Animal Cards by exchanging them with Gems.
  • The rarer the card, the more Gems required.
  • Overall Random Cards are not really worth buying because the Gem costs end up being very high for a small amount of Cards.
  • The one time it may be worth buying is if it’s the last Card needed to complete an Animal or Family.

Tracker Set

Tracker Set.png
  • Cost: Cash.png 40. It may decrease if you complete getting a kind of card.
  • Contains 9 regular cards, 1 rare card and 0 epic card.
  • Total: 10 Cards

Naturalist Set

Naturalist Set.png
  • Cost: Cash.png 100. It may decrease if you complete getting a kind of card.
  • Contains 15 regular cards, 4 rare cards and 1 epic card .
  • Total: 20 Cards

Zookeeper Set

Zookeeper Set.png
  • Cost: Cash.png 200. It may decrease if you complete getting a kind of card.
  • Contains 25 Regular Cards, 6 Rare cards and 4 Epic Cards.
  • Total: 35 Cards

Doubles Set

Doubles Set.png

Sometimes you will receive cards for animals you already have.

  • These cards go to your Doubles Set.
  • A full Doubles Set depends on how many animals you currently have:
    • up to 120 animals: 10 doubles
    • 121 to 150 animals: 15 doubles
    • more than 151 animals: 20 doubles
  • For every full Doubles Set you receive 4 new zoo cards.
  • If your zoo is completed, you receive 2 of the following:
    • barn or other expansion tools,
    • mining tools,
    • ingots, or
    • gems.
Zoo Guide 6.png

Alternative Ways to get Zoo Cards/Decks

You can use the following ways to get zoo cards instead of spending T-cash at the Zoo Shop.

  • Completing top 2 and 3 in events - 30 ZooCards.png
  • Completing top 4-6 in events - 15 ZooCards.png
  • Regatta - 12-18 ZooCards.png
  • Daily rewards/chests/sea chests - 3 to 4 ZooCards.png
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