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Upgrades at zoo

Zoo Building Upgrades

Upgrades at zoo

Removed From The Game

Zoo Building InformationEdit

The buildings at the Zoo can be upgraded using zoo materials. Upgrades increase the number of baskets up to 8, increase selling price of goods for more coins and popularity, and selling goods in less time.

See the zoo buildings page for building upgrade costs, levels, and when additional baskets are available.

Table InformationEdit

The upgrades in shops at the zoo are listed in the tables below including upgrades from 0 to 50%.
'Hot' values are based on 50% upgrades. For more specific upgrades you can view the other tables.

The 50% increased popularity from upgrades only applies to the (0%) base points of goods.
- Hot items increase the base points by 2x as well as coins and the Popular Passion booster by another 2x.

Example: Cookies Popularity Points & Selling Price

0% Base 50% Upgraded Hot Booster
Points 5 8 16 32
Coins 44 66 132 No Effect

Note: Hot Items sold at Zoo shops will always stay hot until sold. Even if items change or the item sold isn't hot anymore. Also keep note on the time left on Zoo Boosters. As soon as it ends so does the 2x popularity bonus points!

Unsellable Goods at the ZooEdit

Items not listed on the table are not sell-able at the zoo.

Including: Air Freshener, Bacon, Bed, Boots, Chair, Cotton, Cotton Fabric, Couch, Diadem, Down Quilt, Dress, Earring, Frypan, Glue, High-heeled Shoes, Inflatable Boat, Lobster, Lobster Omelet, Lobster Sushi, Lotion, Mole Sauce, Olive, Paper, Parka, Pendant, Perfume, Plastic, Plum, Quiche, Rubber, Rubber Tree, Shrimp, Silk, Silk Fabric, Sneakers, Suit, Table, Wallpaper, Warm Boots, Wheat, Yarn

Editing Table InformationEdit

You can edit/update the tables at these pages: All Zoo Upgrades, PopularitySelling PriceSelling Time

  • Please update the selling price, time, or popularity tables if any numbers are missing or incorrect.
  • All Zoo Upgrades Legend: P = Popularity, C = Coins, T = Time.

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